Hey guys!

I feel like it’s been forever since I had time to sit down and write.  Our lives have been crazy.  I knew June was going to be a beast but I had no idea how much chaos would go down once it arrived.  So let’s recap our theatre camp experiences thus far:

Camp Broadway

Marshall’s third year of Camp Broadway was his best one yet. 

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As you know by now I’m a pastry chef.  Every year there is one week in May where all hell breaks loose. It’s our busy season! Graduations mostly drive business right now but a few weddings or other special occasions can sneak in on us.  Well, that week is this week. Now I did back off advertising my business this week on purpose once I realized it was my historical hell week….  And here is why.

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Prior to leaving for Marshall’s Carnegie Hall trip, Cherrie and I made a decision it was time to launch her Youtube Channel.  Cherrie was the driving force behind us starting our Family Vlog.  The biggest issue with the Family Vlog is that the family wasn’t vlogging!  Go figure!

She is a phenomenal storyteller.  Her imagination is captivating at times where we all just sit there and enjoy story hour.  At other times, not so much. 

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Over the weekend the kids and I went to New York City to see Marshall perform at Carnegie Hall with 59 other selected students from around the United States and Brazil. Every trip with the kids is an adventure, but this one was new for us.

I’m often asked how do we afford all of the things our son is involved in? It’s not always easy when you’re living on a budget but it is doable. Here are some things we’ve done to help our son chase his dreams.

So I’m sitting in the car at my son’s weekday job.  He was recently hired as an assistant instructor for an after-school performing arts program.  Cherrie and I are in the car waiting for him because once we leave here we have a different schedule.  Typically we go to his job, then head to the YMCA.

Today, however, we will leave here and battle traffic to make it to an audition.  After the audition,

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As a parent newly navigating the theatre scene in metro Atlanta I have run into some things I found myself unprepared for.  One of the biggest things is how long we are waiting for things.

For years we were used to school plays on a smaller scale and some church productions.  Marshall was always chosen as a lead, even if he did not audition for it.  A year ago my son did his first non-school,

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