A case of the Mondays

Last week I said, maybe I should wait until Monday to start this new lifestyle change, right?  I didn’t wait.  I went ahead and started it.  As you know I took charge and put my family on a healthier lifestyle track last week.  You can read why we did that here.  Well the only problem was that I had a grocery shopping trip and set up our monthly meal prep.  Take a look at how we did that below.

It has only been a week since I did that Walmart app grocery shopping.  I was supposed to be able to stretch this food for at least three weeks. Well, my fruit is almost gone and our snack of choice this shopping trip was pretzels.  Only a few bags of those remain.  It looks like our new healthy living lifestyle is going to be a costly one.

If I were to sum up this experience so far, I would say we are hungry more often than not and that I’m having to be very creative with our meals.

Have we eaten out?  Yes.  Have we ordered the usual?  No. We have done well and we are taking things in moderation, one day at a time.  Day two was by far the WORST day for me.

However, let’s talk about some successes:

  • My feet have not been swollen since making a conscious effort to eat better.
  • I have been able to fall asleep without taking a sleep aid such a melatonin.
  • We have been diligent in working out and the kids and I moved our afternoon workouts to evenings workout to include my husband.
  • The level of clarity I have in mental thinking is unbelievable.

So far not too bad.  Granted we are extremely hungry and I’m having to adjust some of the doctor regimented meals and add more meat here and there or some carbs so we don’t feel like we are dying!  But all is going well.  Last night I even got the kids to eat cauliflower stir fry! WHAT?!?! Winning I know!

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