About Me

Welcome to the Momager Lifestyle new friends.

I’m Kimberly Bryant.  I’m a social media influencer, mom, wife, momager on an interesting journey to Broadway, I manage multiple businesses, homeschool a tween and teen and I’m a celebrity Pastry Chef!

Whew!  Let’s all take a deep cleansing breath after just reading all of that right!

Meet Cherrie-Amaya aka CherrieBerrie aka Baby Girl.  She’s a lover of all things Littles Pet Shop and American Girl.  She’s by far the sweetest tween you’ll ever encounter.  Cherrie has a condition called Narcolepsy.  She was diagnosed with an impressive case of it at age 6.  She’s too young for medication so we have adjusted our entire lifestyle around this.  This is why we homeschool.





Meet Mr. Marshall Weir Mabry IV.  That’s right!  Learn all of his names please!  Marshall is our powerhouse kid with his eyes set on the Broadway Stage.  Honestly, I think at this point he wants to write for Broadway, star on Broadway, review Broadway shows, be in a superhero movie, remake Good Burger with one of his close friends, Myles Truitt and essentially live his best life as a new generation triple threat!  You can even follow his blog over at MWMIVSPEAKS!




And we are the parents.  I’m Kimberly (blogger, mother, wife, homeschool mom, entrepreneur, author, chef, and speaker)  And this is my hubby Jerome (aka J Boogie, photographer, business consultant, and all things analtical thinking around here).


Welcome to our lives!  We hope to introduce you to several #momagers who a killing this job title with style and grace.  I’m going to enlist of the help of some friends to help me help you get your kid(s) to the next level!


This is the Momager Lifestyle!