The Horizon Theatre is running Blackberry Daze for a few more days and I’m here to tell you it’s a show you need to see!  After boasting about this show on social media I kept getting the same questions over and over.  How was this show?  What did it remind you of?  It looks good but…..

Well darlings, I’m here to tell you THIS show is a must see.  Now on my mommy scale, this show is intended for a mature audience.  If you have a mature acting teenager that enjoys reading then this show may be one you take them too.  It put me in the mindset of The Color Purple!  I learned many years ago the book always gives more detail than the movie….so this show reminds me of The Color Purple book!

The author of Black Berry Daze has been spotted signing copies of her book on site!  Perhaps you will be lucky enough to snag a copy of this book to curl up with now that the kids are heading back to school.

The cast of Blackberry Daze features some amazing talent in Atlanta’s theatre scene.  The incomparable TC Carson most known for his role as Kyle on the hit sitcom “Living Single” gives so much life to the “bad guy” in this show.  Ayana Reed took us on the most emotional roller coaster during this show as she walks us through the story.  Naomi Lavette stuns as Mae Lou in this show.  We all have a Mae Lou in our lives and this character is fully brought to life.  Brittany Inge as Pearl tickled me the entire show.  I think I related to her just a little too much lol.  Christian Magby captivates the audience playing a dual role.  I loved watching him go back and forth between two characters and I’m still a little stunned at how quickly he changes back and forth in Act 2.  Christy Clark was seriously all over the place in this show!  In a good way of course.  Christy covers four different roles in this show and she’s wonderful in them all.

Don’t forget to check out S. Renee Clark and Spencer Bean on Piano and Guitar.  The beginning of Act 2 is all about them and we jammed really hard to their tunes!

Hop over to my son’s blog to see detailed breakdowns of the show!


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