This past Wednesday night I took my girl Dawn and my son to the club!  You heard that right.  I took my fifteen-year-old to the Kit Kat Klub.  It’s okay he’s been before!

Setting the Scene

We drove into an open field and parked among the wildly growing grass.  We walked a short distance down a hill and there we were greeted by very skimpily dressed waiters and waitress.  The open air club was full of neon lights, smoke, and drinks.  Oh yes, the drinks flow heavily at the Kit Kat Klub!

Our emcee, Brian Clowdus, made a rousing entrance to set the tone of the evening.  Just a few moments ago we were simply in a field within the Serenbe community and instantly we have transformed back to the late 1920s Berlin.  Cabaret the musical is based off a book written by Christopher Isherwood, with music by John Kander and lyrics by Fred Ebb.  Cabaret made its Broadway debut in 1966 and was adapted into a film in 1972.  Last Fall we saw the touring Broadway cast of Cabaret at the Fox theatre and I was blown away.

Having no background the first time I saw this play, I was more prepared for the tone of the material this time.  I opted to leave baby girl at home.  While there were two children in attendance, parents I would encourage you to judge your best judgment as this show is intended for a mature audience.

Background of the show

While this show centers around the relation of cabaret performer Sally Bowles and an American writer, Cliff Bradshow, multiple themes are presented to the audience.  The cast guides us through the night club where anything goes, to a boarding house operated by Fraulein Schneider who’s voice and dramatic appeal will lure you into her feelings as they grow and change throughout the production.  Her doomed romance to an older German, Herr Schultz, who’s wit and jolly disposition make him a most loved character becomes one of the highlights of Act 2. 

Though these two sub plots seem to run simultaneously, the show is carried (and ultimately stolen) by the Master of Ceremonies at the Kit Kat Klub.  It is difficult to keep your eyes off of Brian Clowdus in this role.  He is truly spectacular.  While I don’t want to ruin a few surprises, it was interesting to find out Brian did this show in college and his leading is now doing the show with him once again at Serenbe Playhouse.

Kit Kat Klub is worth the drive!

All shows at Serenbe are an engaging experience and this one is truly a show to remember.  Grab your girlfriends for a girls night out or your significant other for a date night.  Call the baby sitter and head on down to Chattahoochee Hill so that you too can travel back in time to visit the Kit Kat Klub!

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