The horizon theatre has kicked off 2017 with a steamy new musical.  The ballad of Klook and Vinette. Can we have a talk?  Like girlfriend to girlfriend.  This is a steamy, sexy, moment in time where you are fully intertwined with the love story of other people for 80 mins.  Brittany Inge delivers a captivating, va-va-voom experience as Amari Cheatom fully brings you into the mind of an older man with his sights set on experiencing a new kind of love.

My husband and I went to this show and by the end, he was sitting just a little bit closer, arm around me.  What you have to understand about this show is its only two actors, two musicians and a minimalist set.  I’m talking a very minimal set.  The use of music, movement and light drive this show.  As scenes begin to climax the beat of the music causes your heart to race.

During intimate moments you are wooed by the lighting design and the movement of Klook and Vinette.  I promise you, it’s amazing to watch two people connect on stage in a way it makes you wonder how they ever performed this show without undressing one another.  The thing that got me…we were well into this show before they even shared the first kiss.

Listen, if you’re hopelessly romantic, or just wish you could find some romance this is indeed the show you want to see.  This love story unfolding will pull at your heartstrings, make your heart beat flutter and shock you all at once.

The ballad of Klook and Vinette is one you don’t want to miss.  I promise.

To get tickets you can visit the horizon theatre here.  Once you see the show remember to drop back by and let me know your thoughts.

Performance Dates

January 19-February 18, 2018
Press Opening: Jan 26

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday at 8:00 PM
Saturday at 3:00 PM and 8:30 PM
Sunday at 5:00 PM

I promise you’ll thank me for sharing this story with you.



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