Three days ago I took my kids on a field trip to the chiropractor.

A few week’s ago I started seeing a chiropractor for issues with my lower back.  This wasn’t a new issue for me.  Five years ago when I was in culinary school I had a seriously bad sciatica flare up that caused me so much pain I was ordered to stay off my feet and to sleep in a chair in for 6 months.

A few months ago this flair up came back and ever since I’ve been back in the same chair sleeping from five years ago.  On the fourth of July, my husband came across a tent with a chiropractor offering free on the spot scans.  I must admit I was skeptical of this whole situation.  I did the free scan and then the follow up at the doctor’s office.  I had a full body scan and three days later I started treatment.  Needless to say, it’s worked wonders for my back pain.

A blog post idea

I had this great idea it would be cool to do a blog post for a local neighborhood site called Macaroni Kid Douglasville-South Fulton and Macaroni Kid CEM.  I was super impressed with this local business and wanted to share with my readers how awesome the practice was.

It was in that moment I decided to write a post about the pediatric chiropractic side of her practice.  I took the kids in for a complimentary scan and eagerly awaited the results so I could write up my most.  The kids took a tour of the practice and learned about the spine and nervous system etc.  When I went in the office this morning and saw my daughter’s x-rays my life was forever changed.

The results

Upon first glance, I had no idea what I was looking at.  Then Dr Thompson explained that Cherrie has scoliosis,  I’m honestly not really sure what happened after that.  Perhaps I said what a lot?  I think I said, “I’m confused, how?”  I do remember telling myself over and over “don’t let them see you cry.”  I stood there looking at these pictures and then recounted all the times I told Cherrie to “stand up straight” only to realize this child’s spine is curved and she can’t stand up straight.

Once I turned and looked and her, I could see the slight deformity.  Now clearly I can not unsee this.  As a mom of a child diagnosed with Narcolepsy at age six, I knew I was tough as nails.  This one was a major blow to the gut.  Of course, the first thought was…..does this have anything to do with her narcolepsy and our doctor thinks so.  It’s possible the lack of curvature in her upper spine is putting pressure on her nervous system which of course goes to her brain.  Therefore we conclude this neurological disability is possibly the root cause of scoliosis.

Now what?

Honestly, I have no idea.  Like seriously I have no idea.  I know we will check back in with Dr Thompson next Monday.  Cherrie had her first adjustment today and took it like a champ.  I’ve reminded her she is beautifully and wonderfully made.    We have an amazing village of people who support us all the time, but this was a serious gut blow.  Right now all we can do is pray and seek out more information.

~Adios, Kimberly

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