Last weekend my husband and I finally had our first date night of the year.  Why is this a big deal, because last year we had a total of about FOUR date nights (our anniversary and my birthday included).  So when we had an opportunity to see the Aurora Theatre’s newest love story,  Maytag Virgin I jumped at the opportunity.  I did this for a couple of reasons:

In reading the synopsis Maytag Virgin is set to weave a tale of love, loss and everything in between January 11-February 11! When two recent widows find themselves living as neighbors, both coping in their own way with the aftermath of tragedy, they drive each other crazy before finding common ground. Audiences will follow Lizzy Nash as she battles her grief and the quirky behaviors of her new neighbor, odd duck Jack Key, with whom she might have more in common than she realizes. Will this encounter between Lizzy and Jack change their paths and their hearts for good?

Okay, so you’re telling me this is like the ideal cosy up love storybook on a stage?  I’m totally here for this!  Since Marshall is always my date, I figured seeing a love story with my hubby would be good for us.  (I was right).  While he isn’t a huge theatregoer I think we are rubbing off on him.  He laughed so much during this show.  It really was a well-played show.  Some tender-hearted scenes, intertwined with hilarious Luke and Lorelli moments were right up my alley.  (I’m a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan).  If you know anything about the romance between Luke and Lorelli then you will fully understand the interaction between these two characters.

I’m a sucker for a good love story, a show with a strong female lead and a coming of age romance.  While the characters are not children coming of age, they both discover new things about themselves and new things about what real love looks like.  This play is absolutely fantastic and a great date night option.  Kudos to the Aurora Theatre for consistently performing phenomenal shows.

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