In sticking with April as a new month with new beginnings I have given myself a $20.00 budget to receive a box a month from Dia & Co.   Now while this is NOT a sponsored post this IS a self-care post!  As a super busy plus sized mom trying to juggle my online dessert business, my son’s massive schedule, homeschooling, house duties, wife duties and trying to maintain spiritual balance I needed to find something just for ME.  Not something to entice my husband or entertain my kids.  I needed something inexpensive that I could look forward to each month.

By now we are all familiar with the internet footprints we leave.  Dia & Co was everywhere, Instagram, facebook, google, you name advertisements were popping up all over the place so I was like okay let’s do it!  So I ordered my first box.  The process is pretty simple.  Answer a few personal questions and they do the rest.  The box arrived within a few days and I was pleasantly surprised.

  1. I was surprised everything in the box actually fit!
  2. I was surprised that I liked the way the clothes fit!
  3. I had never heard of the companies they selected for my first box…ever

Here is full disclosure and a moment of transparency.  I grant myself $20.00 of ME money per month so I don’t go insane.  Why didn’t I spend it on a pedicure or a good book?  Maybe even a nice smelling body wash?  As my son grows in popularity we are putting so much emphasis on his wardrobe and what HE looks like at times.  I’m good for jumping up and throwing on a pair of jeans (that a hole will soon develop in the thigh from how much I wear them) or some sweatpants, with a graphic t-shirt and a baseball cap!  Like this has become my new “routine wardrobe” and it’s well……pathetic.  The following pictures are from my Dia box and while they all fit my body in a different way they led me to really in the look into the mirror.

I wouldn’t have picked any of these items for myself but to be honest I liked them.  For the brief moment, I was changing clothes and letting the kids play photographer I felt better about myself.  I felt important.  I didn’t feel like I was “mommy.”  I hate shopping, I really do, but trying on clothes in the comfort of my own home was amazing.

I can’t wait to see what comes in May!

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