This week we celebrated my son’s 16th birthday.  It was a bitter sweet moment for me.  He was hired into his first job as an Assistant for an after school performing art’s program on his last day of being 15.  Then on his 16th birthday, our fanfare was a little crowded, yet still had the same amount of noise as previous years.

I honestly can not remember the last time both of my parents went to a movie with me. 

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Last night I had a dream my son met Mufasa.

When I woke up to see the photos on my phone it was not a dream. Mufasa had taken the time to speak to my son.

This post isn’t written to impress you. It’s not even written to be a polished piece. It’s simply a collection of my thoughts as a mother, not a Mom-ager.

Last June my son auditioned to play the role of Mufasa in the Junior Theatre Festival which starts today.

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I have been avoiding writing this post for weeks at this point.

Outside of the reality that I’m busy, I have no other excuse for not writing this sooner.  For the past three months, I’ve been the mother of Agwe, the God of Water.  Now I must admit, it’s been kind of cool being the Mother of a God, but this came with some interesting challenges and moments of self-discovery.

Over the past four years,

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Every mom a deserves a weekend getaway with her girlfriends. Check out how my trip to Long Island was everything I needed and then some

This week I had an opportunity to attend the Disney Social Media Moms tour when it came to Atlanta.  Aside from being one of the most fantastic and informative conferences I’ve been to dealing with Social Media, it was also a game changer.  I had an opportunity to have serious conversations with fellow bloggers from some amazing Mom/Kid/Family-focused sites (The Crunchy Mommy, Baby Shopaholic,  & Hustle or Hyde). There were many more fabulous women in the room but between the talk from Kim Fields and the conversation with Trina at Baby Shopaholic,

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May 5, 2016

When I woke up yesterday morning my bank’s account (all them) were looking a little thin, by 10 am one of them was in the red.  By 1 pm all of them were positive and I no longer worried if we had enough.  But at 11 am I had received some news from the doctor that was less than favorable.  Dr. E told me I had lost weight since my last visit two months ago. 

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The day I stopped my friends and family discount……

As I sat down to pen this blog I had to figure out who was my target audience for this post?  I decided against this being towards the people or situations that sparked this thought and decided this post is best geared towards the new entrepreneur.

When I first started my business(es) I worked within my network.  I told almost everybody I knew I was now in business for myself. 

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Three days ago I took my kids on a field trip to the chiropractor.

A few week’s ago I started seeing a chiropractor for issues with my lower back.  This wasn’t a new issue for me.  Five years ago when I was in culinary school I had a seriously bad sciatica flare up that caused me so much pain I was ordered to stay off my feet and to sleep in a chair in for 6 months.

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This week’s focus has been on scrambling to find new homeschool resources and programs and resources that fit my families needs.  I’ve never been a fan of “School at Home” and I recently had a lapse in judgment and decided to try online schooling.  While this particular type of schooling doesn’t sit well with my family, it may work for yours, especially if it’s your first year and you simply want your children to do school work at home.  

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