I woke up this morning trying to decide if I should really jump all into this new diet plan. 

I toyed with the idea of waiting until Monday, you know for a fresh start with this diet.  Who am I kidding right?  Monday will never come and I’ll never start.  So I did it.  I boiled 2 eggs and proclaimed this day as Healthy Lifestyle Change Day!

My paperwork said 2 hard boiled eggs would serve as a meal.  I sprinkled on some salt and pepper and took a bite.  It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either.  I knew I was not going to make it like this so I grabbed a piece of back from my grocery haul for this month and that helped smooth it on down.  Admittedly I had one slice of bacon and 2 hard boiled eggs plus a glass of lightly sweetened tea.  Now here is where my biggest hurdle will lay.  I’m an African-Amercian Southern girl!  We like our sweet tea, honey!

I decided to catalog my in Evernote:

Meal One: 2 boiled eggs and bacon (Barely made it through this one, but we did)

Meal Two: Spinach Salad with light Italian dressing and tuna. (Not too bad actually)

Meal three:  Pretzels (Clearly this is my potato chip replacement)

Meal Four: Crockpot cooked chicken, yellow rice, and green beans. (It was super delicious)

Workout: 13 mins of weight training. (Not bad for the first day….right?)

Now my meal plan per the doctor says Rice is a no-no.  I did my grocery meal haul 3 days before this appointment and I am not a fan of throwing out food.  So we took one for the team (haha) and I don’t feel bad about doing so.

So our family survived day one.  No one went to be bed hungry and we didn’t bite each other’s head off.  I’m optimistic things will only get better from here!

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