Day 2 was a struggle

I’m not even going to lie, Day two was a serious struggle for me.  Breakfast started very chill—-two sausage patties.  For lunch, I had tuna and spinach again.  After our workout, we ran into the grocery store deli and grabbed some roasted turkey.  We devoured that slice of turkey while in the car.  Shortly after I had pretzels and cheese.  After eating every 2-3 hours, I realized I was more hungry than usual.  I was ready to crack.  I told my husband I wanted a burger, or a Philly something greasy and unhealthy and I was determined to get it.  The hunger pains were new to me.  I rarely ever got hungry but today I was starving.


I told him it was either fast food or he could crank up the grill.  The kids and I were out running errands.  When we got home the grill was ready and the chicken was going on!  I made us some veggies to go with our grilled chicken and I’m honestly not sure if I inhaled my dinner or actually ate it?  No sauces, no condiments, just beautifully seasoned grilled chicken.

Finally, I was full!  I was satisfied.  I worked out for 18 mins today and I was proud of myself.

I know its been over a month but I logged my meals in the My Fitness Pal app and realized I wasn’t eating anywhere near the right amount calories.  We will have to adjust this “diet” going forward.


We lived to see another day!

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