I most certainly have not been keeping up with journaling our progress.  I went to the doctor that performed my gastric surgery and soon found out I was put on the wrong diet/workout plan.

After meeting with the nutritionist I learned that in the system I was marked to have the Gastric bypass surgery (again).  I had the surgery in November 2009.  It was a rebirth of sorts.  There was most certainly a change in body image.  That first-year post surgery changes everything in your life. I seriously came out of my shell.  This picture shows a woman who was more confident in her skin than she ever has been.  I doubt I would typically allow a Victoria’s Secret bra to be an accessory to my Halloween costume, but none the less it was a great night.  While on the outside I had all this confidence on the inside I was still feeling 100 pounds heavier.  I remember this night.  I remember looking confident and wanting to snatch those Jessica Simpson pumps right on off but I didn’t!  Why not?  Because I had lost 100 pounds and my feet would fit inside some Jessica Simpson pumps!

Fast forward 8 years and I look back wondering where this woman went?  As much as I would love to be this size again, I don’t want to pay twenty thousand dollars out of pocket to be aided in this process.  The nutritionist and I talked about best practices and ways to speed up my metabolism.  We already adopted a healthier lifestyle, without watching What the Health!   We eat leans meats, fruits and veggies.

At Marshall’s check-in last week at the Strong4Life Clinic his BMI was down a point!  They said overall we are making slow and steady progress.  I couldn’t be more proud of my children right now.  We are not where we want to be but we are making progress to not stay where we are.

When I think about the things that transpired to pack back on the pounds over the last 8 years I have to stand in my truth.  I faced eviction with two kids as a single mom.  I completed culinary school even while suffering from major sciatica.  I graduated at the top of my class and missed graduation because I had so many orders.  I’ve started two companies, began homeschooling and gotten married.  I’ve accomplished a lot in the last eight years and I am thankful for the journey.  Right now our focus is to be healthy.  Looking at these pictures I’m #TeamSkinnyNeck


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