My dad always asks us if we have on socks.  Like in his mind wearing socks seriously prevents all illness.  The combination of vaseline, socks on your feet and a hat on your head will keep you healthy and I’m convinced he cannot be swayed by this opinion.  For years my response is nope!  I wear flip flops 8-9 months out of the year just so I have a reason to say no.  But can I be real with you for a moment?  Mom to mom, woman to woman?

The reason I don’t wear socks is because I can’t find any to fit my feet.

Seriously.  Back in 2009, I had the gastric bypass done.  I lost a smooth hundred pounds in the first 6 or 7 months and I was living my BEST life.  For the first time in years, I could go to a normal store and buy shoes.  My feet shrunk two sizes within the first month.  This was the most amazing thing ever.  I remember only wanting a pair of heels and a Victoria’s Secret Bra.  I got both.  I even got a job at VS!  For a while their things were great.  I had socks and shoes in all kinds of colors.

As I progressed in life, I made a decision to become a pastry chef.  The combination of a full-time night class, a part-time job, living at home with my parents as a single mom of two young kids was lethal when it came to my health.  While I excelled at my studies I failed my health and I put all the weight back on.  Now we fast forward nine years from that surgery.  I found myself a little sad last week when my dad asked if I had socks on, because honestly in my heart I wish I did.  I wish my feet didn’t swell all the time.  I wish the doctors had answers as to why retain so much water.  I wish I could walk into a store and buy every pair of socks in there, in every single color.  I want all the patterns.

That leaves us at a fork in the road.  How do you release water weight?  You’re supposed to drink more water.  How do you lose weight in general?  At the bare minimum, you should walk.  How do you walk when your feet are so swollen some days even your shoes don’t fit?  These are the questions I will continue to raise every time I pay another co-pay to find some sort of relief.

In the interim what am I supposed to do?  Drink water and pray for a miracle I guess.  I’d love to know your thoughts?

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One thought on “I just want to wear socks

  1. My suggestion is to cut meat from your diet and replace it with fruit and vegetables. I did it for 3 weeks straight and lost 26 pounds just from that “detox” of sorts. I’ve been straddling the fence with eating meat or following a vegetarian (and almost vegan) diet for a while now. I do know that I feel better, I’m more focused, and have more energy when I don’t consume meat. The hard part is making the mental adjustment to not use meat as a first choice for every meal.

    Posted on February 12, 2018 at 10:15 pm