Is your marriage really a ministry?

When I started my business I knew it was divinely ordered by God.  Adonai Desserts Atlanta has led me to some amazing people.  I met my husband after he placed an order for some red velvet cupcakes.  Over the last five years, I have been impacted by countless women who have poured into my life via this business.  Well, it’s happened again.  I was working with a client on her 50th wedding anniversary cake.  This to me was huge.  As soon as I met her in person I felt this connection I could not shake.  After some emailing back and forth we decided to meet.  In our first meeting, she said to me that my marriage is a ministry.

I had to sit with that one for a moment.  When I think about ministry I don’t guess I ever really thought about marriage being one.  When we look at the life of Jesus and how he changed lives, I guess it began to make some sense.  Ministers have an obligation to pray for the wounded, sick and shut in.  Ministries often give support for those who are lacking and can’t find their way.  Clergy often pray for the broken hearted and are used by God to change lives.

As a wife, do I not do the same for my husband?  As his number one priority above his friends, family and our children, I’m his number one priority.  He has made a point to support me in every aspect of my life.  When we hurt and need someone to pray for us, isn’t our spouse supposed to be that person?  When I can’t turn to anyone else my husband should be the person I seek refuge and comfort in, right?  All of these scenarios go both ways, but how often do we find ourselves turning to a support system outside of our homes?

I always said I wanted my heart to be so close to God my husband had to seek Him in order to find me.  At the time I met my husband I was very removed from the idea of even being in a relationship.  Five years later, as his wife, I can honestly say it took a lot of prayers for him to make it this far.  In the midst of all we have endured one thing remains the same.  Gods grace is sufficient and the things that we do to cultivate growth in our marriages are indeed a form of ministry.

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