I woke up this morning trying to decide if I should really jump all into this new diet plan. 

I toyed with the idea of waiting until Monday, you know for a fresh start with this diet.  Who am I kidding right?  Monday will never come and I’ll never start.  So I did it.  I boiled 2 eggs and proclaimed this day as Healthy Lifestyle Change Day!

My paperwork said 2 hard boiled eggs would serve as a meal. 

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I made two decisions this week

I made a decision to do some new things for myself.  After resigning from my job as a Wilton Method cake instructor I knew I was going to fill that void with something else.  I did two this week that could have changed the trajectory of my life.

Neither situation went as planned.  I decided to go back to school and I’ll share more about what I learned during that process in a future blog post. 

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Monday | June 19, 2017

Today I quit ONE of my jobs.  I LOVED this job.  This job defined a large part of who The Chef Kimihou is.  This job gave me life!  The energy I absorbed from this job was amazing and hard to compete with.  But today, I quit.  Without hesitation, I sent in my resignation.  I resigned from being a Wilton Cake Decorating Instructor.

I resigned from being a Wilton Cake Decorating Instructor.

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Fathers Day or Mom-doing-it-all-day?

For twelve years I was a single mom.  I have two children and due to whatever reasons their fathers are not a major component in their lives.  I can remember getting text messages every Fathers Day telling me “Happy Fathers Day.”  In the beginning, it was funny.  If I was mad at their dads it was an ego booster.  I’m not going to lie to you, there were some years I remember saying “I do the role of both,

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Seasons of Love

This weekend my son and a group of students from The Victory Spot performed as one of the opening acts for Arrested Development at City Winery.  As I sat there on the first night and listened to them sing ‘Seasons of Love,’ my face was flushed and water filled my eyes.  5 hundred, 25 thousand, 600 minutes….

I was transported in time to 2012, the year my life seemed to have fallen completely apart. 

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Sometimes I have to say no

My son had an opportunity to audition for Adam Pelty.  According to my son Marshall this is HUGE.  While I believe him, sometimes as a stage mom you have to make a tough decision.  My husband and I had to think about long term plans.  In the midst of being a stage mom, I’m still homeschooling and running multiple businesses.  After Fiddler and In the Heights I just needed a Break!

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Life on the road

Currently I’m sitting in a hotel room for the 5th weekend in a row waiting on my son while he is in rehearsal.

Next week is showtime.  We are about an hour and half from home at rehearsals.  I was scrolling my facebook time line.  One of my son’s friend just wrapped a movie in Detroit and then another just got signed to Cartoon Network.  All very awesome and very cool!

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Stage Mom Chronicles: Edition 3

It’s been seriously crazy around here.  One of the things I knew back in January was my son’s passion would at some point become my problem.  I was okay with multiple rehearsals happening all at the same time.  I was okay even with the travel.  I figured at some point the travelling to various rehearsals would become a burden and we would need to start staying in hotels.  We’ve done that three times so far.

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He Made The Cast

In our first edition I talked about what it was like for my son’s first real audition.  Well after three days we found out he made the cast.  You can read all about his reaction here.  As the mom it is your job to be happy that your child is excelling.  Believe me I am absolutely his biggest cheer leader and while in theory I knew what I was signing up for but was I really ready,

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2017 Stage Mom Chronicles Edition One

I think I shall call this blog, the Stage Mom Chronicles!

In addition to having a beautiful narcoleptic tween, my time is also spent molding my oldest son for a career on the stage.  So as an introduction my oldest is Marshall.  I know I’m his mother and so I’m a little biased but he is a really amazing performer.  He absolutely loves all things Broadway!  

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