Last weekend my husband and I finally had our first date night of the year.  Why is this a big deal, because last year we had a total of about FOUR date nights (our anniversary and my birthday included).  So when we had an opportunity to see the Aurora Theatre’s newest love story,  Maytag Virgin I jumped at the opportunity.  I did this for a couple of reasons:

In reading the synopsis Maytag Virgin is set to weave a tale of love,

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Atlanta’s nationally acclaimed Alliance Theatre is pleased to present The Jungle Book, based on the beloved book by Rudyard Kipling, as part of its Alliance Family Series. Rosemary Newcott, the Sally G. Tomlinson Artistic Director of Theatre for Youth and Families, directs this moving, family-friendly, one-act play with music. During the Alliance’s season-long renovation, The Jungle Book will be staged at the Porter Sanford III Performing Arts and Community Center,

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Phipps Plaza attraction welcomes homeschool students for a week of educational fun at Legoland.
LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Atlanta invites homeschoolers to participate in its Homeschool Week on February 5 – 9! A week filled with free LEGO® Education Workshops and activities that address Common Core standards, local homeschoolers and their teachers will have the chance to learn while having fun in a different kind of classroom setting.

Local homeschools can reserve a field trip by visiting and completing the registration form.

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Our family absolutely loves the Aurora Theatre.  I know it’s a dream of son’s to work there someday.  So many of his mentors have graced the stage of this amazing playhouse.  We can’t to see what’s in store for this next show!

To celebrate the season of the heart, audiences are invited to the Aurora Theatre stage for the emotional drama, Ontario Was Here, from February 10 – March 4, 2018. 

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Children’s Museum of Atlanta honors Black History Month with special programming

Kids can also celebrate Valentine’s Day, Winter Games, President’s Day and more!

ATLANTA (January 18, 2018) – Children’s Museum of Atlanta invites families to escape the cold and join the Imaginators for a variety of educational programs throughout February. Little ones can look forward to learning about influential African American leaders though special story time, an original musical written by Jerry G.

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If you are anything like me you’re setting aside the Disney Movie money right now!  As a former manager of both Blockbuster Video and Hollywood Video, I’m a parent whose children were literally raised inside of video stores.  That’s actually not an understatement.  My son’s love for acting and the theatre come from the fact he and his sister frequently visited me at work.  Their movie collections were priceless.  Disney is known for amazing work but now that they have the Marvel Universe as well,

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Last night I had a dream my son met Mufasa.

When I woke up to see the photos on my phone it was not a dream. Mufasa had taken the time to speak to my son.

This post isn’t written to impress you. It’s not even written to be a polished piece. It’s simply a collection of my thoughts as a mother, not a Mom-ager.

Last June my son auditioned to play the role of Mufasa in the Junior Theatre Festival which starts today.

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Most of my post have been about the boy child when it comes to balancing our schedules for the past year, but now his sister is kicking butt and taking names.  We received confirmation this week that Cherrie-Amaya will be walking in the 2018 New York Fashion Week.

(insert pregnant pause)

Okay now you may scream!

This adorable tween girl, my love bug, my baby girl,

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It’s almost game time. Lyft, the fastest-growing rideshare company in the U.S., today announced it has been selected as the official rideshare partner of the Atlanta Football Host Committee, which is responsible for assisting the College Football Playoff with the planning and production of the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship. The committee is turning to Lyft to coordinate transportation for college football fans in early January 2018.

The biggest game of the year is Jan.

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The majority of people walking this earth have found themselves in a reflective state.  Reflecting on this year, this month or maybe even their entire lives.  My family has had a pretty amazing 2017 to say the least.  For sure my son has had the most bang out year.  My husband has been teasing all year that I’ve owned the “Mother of the Year” title and Im gunning for Mom of the Century.  Maybe, but not really.

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