The majority of people walking this earth have found themselves in a reflective state.  Reflecting on this year, this month or maybe even their entire lives.  My family has had a pretty amazing 2017 to say the least.  For sure my son has had the most bang out year.  My husband has been teasing all year that I’ve owned the “Mother of the Year” title and Im gunning for Mom of the Century.  Maybe, but not really.

I made a decision to allow my son to explore his passions on a more than hobby level.  It’s one thing to enroll your child in the afterschool program or local rec center.  It’s another thing to be like those moms on the Olympics commercials.  You know the commercials….the ones where the kids talk about the sacrifices their parents have made for them to become an Olympian?  That’s the level of dedication and commitment we began shifting too in 2017.

We saw and reviewed numerous plays and musicals.  We tried a co-op that came with its own set of issues, we lasted one whole day doing online school and settled for the unconventional approach of unschooling.  My children have been to museums, and hands-on field trips to countless places.  They have assisted me with teaching.  I was able to take my first real adventure to New York.  I travelled by plane, train and uber!  I learned how to drink wine and visited the Hamptons.  Marshall was able to meet Derrick Davis the former Phantom of the Opera (at the time he was the current Phantom).  He met Leslie Odom Jr and opened for Arrested Development when they were Live in Atlanta.  At last count he performed no less than 40 times this year.  It was so many times we seriously lost count.  We went from his doing one show a year to 3 major shows, concerts, and multiple pop ups in between!

My entire life this year was nothing like any previous year.  In February I launched the Beyond the Vision Boards one day seminar.  It was fully loaded with a workbook that would equip women in business to set up their year.  I’ll be honest while I poured my heart and soul into the majority of the people that attended didn’t do the work in a way I wanted them too and I got really frustrated with that “business.”  It took months for me to understand that Beyond the Vision Boards is not a business, its an Assignment.  It’s my next Assignment in life.  For the last five years, I’ve been a Pastry Chef and it’s been amazing.  In 2018 I will complete a Masters in Adult Education and move into business consulting during this next phase of my adult life and I could not be more excited to share my journey via speaking engagements and as a published author.

We discovered my daughter has scoliosis on top of narcolepsy.  I noticed that for the past year I stopped speaking about her condition as I didn’t want it to become a crutch for her or us.  I didn’t want her to feel like she had an excuse and I didn’t want to use her condition as an opportunity to take the easy way out.  The truth of the matter is, as Cherrie gets older and begins to experience puberty the chances of her sleeping disorder becoming worse is high.  We’ve experienced panic attacks, anxiety attacks, hair loss, high-stress moments, mood swings, falling asleep in the most inopportune times, etc.  We’ve had numerous tough days, but on the flip side, we have had some amazing wins.  She started modelling this year and absolutely nailed her first professional shoot.  We are truly more than conquerors when it comes to juggling the demands of our lives.

Now if I didn’t touch on one of the biggest aspects of my life I wouldn’t do this reflection any justice.  After being married for only 2.5 years I assure you it feels like an eternity.  Earlier in the year, I started going to counselling without my husband.  It wasn’t for him, it was for me.  A few weeks into it he was requested and my marriage hasn’t been the same.  Nothing we post on social media is untrue.  We are constantly learning and growing as a couple and I’m honored he’s the person God has chosen for me to live out this mission in life.  He seriously stepped his game up this year when it comes to honoring me as his wife.  My birthday was phenomenal and so was my Christmas.  I’ll admit this is the first time I could say that, but nevertheless, he and I have grown so much as individuals and a couple.  That’s my guy.

To sum up our 2017 I would say it has been amazing.  2018 will kick off with a bang!  We hope to add more to our family vlog in the coming months!

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