I’m an entrepreneur, a small business owner, the little guy or gal just trying to make ends meet.  People like me, we have to go the extra mile.  We stay up 22 plus hours to handcraft a product that our customers have invested in.  We give MORE than what our customers have paid for.  At times we undersell our value just to make the sell.  We anticipate the season of wealth.  This product that we are selling is more than a product.  For us it’s a daycare payment, it’s a bill payment,  a car payment, money to feed our kids or simply a way to pay our way out of debt.

During the holiday season, we look forward to the fourth quarter.  It’s amazing for sales.  Everyone wants to purchase what we offer.  These are all wonderful things.

But, what happens when the entrepreneur inside of you realizes your clients don’t value your time and expertise on a level you wish you they would?  Now to be clear, this is not a rant about bad clients.  Nor is it about customer service.  I have wrestled with this very thing multiple times over the last few weeks.  I’ve talked to friends and other business owners and they concur.  While fourth quarter is profitable it’s taxing on the spirit.

After working in retail as a manager for 14 years, we were taught to say thank you, have a nice day, hope you liked my customer service enough to come back.  We were never taught “service and thanks-giving.”  Here’s what God revealed to me during breakfast earlier this week.

My family loves Chick-fil-a.  We eat it frequently enough that the young lady standing outside in the cold taking my order the other morning realized I was missing a child in my car.  She says “Good morning.  Oh I see you’re riding lighter today?  Two  four counts instead of three?”  I laughed and said “Yes please, My son is at vocal lessons, im sure we will be back for lunch.”  Now remember I said we eat a lot of Chick-fil-a right?  Well we dont always go to the same one and its been months since we went to this one.  As usual when I got to the window to pick up they ended my experience with the words “It’s been my pleasure.”

As God spoke to my heart.  How is it this company can make my day every single time we go there, regardless to where we are?  How does interacting with these employees give me as an entreprenuer something to think about?  They never say thank you, nor you’re welcome.  They always say it’s my pleasure and mean it.

Having a servants heart requires a different level of leadership.  As I sat in my car thinking about the outstanding invoices, the bills piling up, the long days and nights working to over satisfy my clients, this feeling that they really don’t care about what I’m doing for them as more than a service was nagging me.  Then God tapped my shoulder and said “It’s my pleasure.”

How often do we go through our day to day life and never Thank God for the fact that there are “checks in the mail” and that we even have clients to order our product?  How often do we Thank God that though the bills are piling up our families are not missing meals and we still have a roof over our heads?  Our God given assignments as Kingdom Entreprenuers is unqiue and important.   We are in business because we were called to do something.  We were called to Touch Lives in a way only we can because it’s only one you.  Yes people can shop at a larger store but they wont get the above and beyond touch that we offer.

Throughout this holiday season as we spread smiles, joy, laughter and Christmas cheer, I want to encourage all business owners, not just those of the Kingdom, to keep going.  While one person may not acknowledge your hard work and dedication verbally to you, they acknowledge it every time they give a referral to your business.  You are not only wonderfully talented, you are needed.  This is more than business, its an opportunity to change lives.  It’s a time to change our hearts and mindsets.  Lack of outward praise should not discourage your inner creative self.  Keep pressing towards the mark.

~Happy holidays y’all

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