This week I had an opportunity to attend the Disney Social Media Moms tour when it came to Atlanta.  Aside from being one of the most fantastic and informative conferences I’ve been to dealing with Social Media, it was also a game changer.  I had an opportunity to have serious conversations with fellow bloggers from some amazing Mom/Kid/Family-focused sites (The Crunchy Mommy, Baby Shopaholic,  & Hustle or Hyde). There were many more fabulous women in the room but between the talk from Kim Fields and the conversation with Trina at Baby Shopaholic, I realized it was time to take the family to youtube!

I’ll be honest it’s going to be interesting to try and catch all the stuff we go through on a daily basis lol.  I promise to do my best to bring you all the most entertaining parts of our lives from homeschooling, to fieldtrips, to meal prep to travel and more.  We will talk about life behind the scenes of being a theater family because even if only one of us on the stage, all of us are effected.

I’ll even ask my husband to jump in a video or two to give the dad point of view when it comes to all things caring for a budding actor.  Our vlog will follow our journey to Broadway.  Now in some respects I wonder if I should put that out into the atmosphere, but let’s face it, if I don’t believe in where my son is going, he will never arrive.  So yes, this vlog will follow our journey to Broadway.  Over the next two years we will share our family story.  We will let you into how have chosen to educate the kids through a processes called unschooling.  I will hopefully help kill the stigma and offer valueable resources for POC who choose to homeschool.  I hope we will be able to share in some decorating classes and food tutorials.  You are now a major part of lives.

Cherrie has requested to be able to share her love (obsession) for LPS and My Little Pony so be on the look out for weekly episodes from Cherrie.

If you have any suggestions on things we should share please let me know!  We can’t wait to take you on this journey with our family


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