As a mom, I’m always seeking ways to enhance my kid’s homeschool experiences.  I learned early on that my kids needed to explore things in new ways at all times.  Reading things in a book never keeps their attention.  We have to follow it up with some sort of activity.  Cherrie absolutely loves animals of all kinds and sizes so when I got word that Zoo Atlanta was launching new programs I was eager to get the kids there!

Upon entering the zoo, right over by the flamingo area, there is this cool Quarters for Conservation area.  A quarter from each ticket purchased goes to one of three wildlife conservation funds.  You can even choose where your quarter goes to the voting station.

As we were guided through the zoo by Zana and Gavin the kids were able to ask questions about any animals along the path.  Fortunately for us, our tour guides were so amazing they didn’t leave much room for fact-checking.

Cherrie, of course, loved every moment of this tour around the zoo.  We are former Zoo Atlanta members and pretty familiar with the layout of Zoo Atlanta.  I’m pleased to say their African animal exhibit is expanding and will be open in 2019.

Did you know they have programs for teens?

The Volunteen Program is designed for students ages 14-17, and is an opportunity for teenagers to have fun volunteering while learning about the environment, wildlife conservation, community engagement and professionalism. Volunteens develop their social skills, identity and independence and can make a difference with causes they are knowledgeable and passionate about.

Do You LOVE Pandas?  Check out the PANDA CAM


Dont forget to add Zoo Atlanta to your homeschool life!  They have some amazing programs for homeschoolers:

Zoo Atlanta can enrich your home school environment through our diverse and engaging resources! From field trips and HomeSchool Academy for your students, to take-home resources for you as an educator, the Zoo can be your partner in homeschooling. Zoo Atlanta education programs cultivate essential STEM skills, utilize the Zoo’s living laboratory as the classroom, and align with the new Georgia Standards of Excellence in science.  You can find out more HERE.

To find out more about the amazing programming at Zoo Atlanta take a look at this site


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