About the Editor

Welcome to the Momager Lifestyle new friends.

I’m Kimberly Bryant.  I’m a social media influencer, mom, wife, momager on an interesting journey to Broadway, I manage multiple businesses, homeschool two teenagers and I’m a celebrity Pastry Chef!

When I started the Momager Lifestyle it was a blog and vlog about my life.  Juggling being an entrepreneur against managing my daughter’s new modeling career and my son’s desire to be on Broadway.  Many of my family and friends complained they never knew what we were up too, just saw all the social media posts and wanted to know more.  So I created this family blog about our lives.

Fast Foreward two years.

I’ve met a lot of moms and I’ve been asked a lot of questions on my journey.  Some I could answer, some I could not.  I’ve had moms asking me about starting their own businesses and while I used to slide in a post or two on I made a decision to rebrand my personal life and move it to here.

This space is now a melting pot of Moms Managing their children’s careers.  We will hear from seasoned momagers and new momagers.  We will hear from popular Momagers and Unknown Momagers.  The bottom line is the Momager lifestyle and is a hub for new, experienced and exhausted Momagers.  We have an amazing Facebook community where we talk about the industry and our experiences.  No one’s journey will mirror another and we give you the most transparent advice we can.


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