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Dance Classes: Recreational Dance

Recreational dance classes are fun and free. Recreational dance does not focus so much on technique and skill but on enjoying the feeling that dance and movement gives us. It is also a way to socialize and stay fit. There is very little structure and few expectations. People typically do not need to even know how to dance.

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Some examples of recreational classes are specialty “princess” classes; These are themed classes like a fairy garden, winter wonderland, etc. Other types of recreational classes are jazz, tap, ballet, and hip hop. These classes are not geared towards a professional career.


Generally, for kids, registration is required. Registration is for a period of time. Some examples are; 4 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, etc. Programs with short-term registrations are typically recreational. The advantages of recreational dance classes are meeting people, fitness, it’s an enrichment activity, and learning new steps. Recreational classes are preferred for early childhood 2-6 years old. Be aware of registration requirements at this age. You don’t want to be locked into something financially that you can not get out of. Registration fees are setup per class, but payment is due up front for the session.


A recital or presentation of some sort will culminate the experience. Recital fees are the responsibility of the parent.

Recreational classes often times allow you to see the potential your child has in a new experience. I oftentimes tell parents with children who are indecisive to try recreational classes to see if the child is eve interested in dance. Just because they dance around at home, watching Youtube videos, does not mean they are ready for a part-time or full-time dance education or competition situation.

Dance categories

Dance is broken down into concert, competition, and recreation. Some sub-groups are commercial, and theatre. So if your child is interested in dance as a career, they should be in a program that will focus on an end result. They should also be well trained and have a broad outlook on different styles. If your child is focusing on another activity then incorporating dance recreationally may be good to train the brain to learn something new and also make them feel good, or just to offer a different type of fitness. The type of program will depend on your goals.


Felecia Thomas is the momager of three dancers. Felecia also owns Reigning Victory Dance Studio in Fayetteville, GA where she is the Artistic Director of the Dance Academy.

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