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A letter from the desk of our Editor In Chief

It’s been a whirlwind year for The Momager Lifestyle brand as a whole.  

Our Founder and Editor in Chief has been busy holding interviews and growing the team to bring the BEST possible content we can.  As Momagers we can all agree that every audition, every inquiry, and every opportunity reminds us there is always something else to know.  We are committed to bringing a wide variety of information to this platform.

We seek expert advise and offer our own opinions based on personal experiences.  Recently, our EIC was interviewed by Buzzfeed!  You can check out the full article here.   In addition to being interviewed by Buzzfeed, she’s been boosting her own business and speaking in front of groups of women about things that motivate her and move her to no end.

Kimberly Houston editor, The Momager Lifestyle


Why is this important?

As momagers, we can forget about ourselves when it comes to making sure our children have everything they need.  We will forget how much we really love getting pedicures to save for the next big camp or training opportunity for our kids.  Mother’s will naturally do whatever it is we need to do to make sure these kids everything they need.  Well, that’s why this blog was started.

I understand the value of GOOD information.  For the past few years, I’ve connected with some fantastic moms along our journey.  We all had a ton of information to share but no platform.  My favorite quote of all time is

If it doesn’t exist; create it

We have done exactly that.  Our group is small and mighty but our numbers grow daily.  We really are a grassroots operations.  The more you share our content with other momagers and refer new content creators to our brand, the more we will grow and the better we will be.

This is OUR platform moms.  It’s our space.  For growing ourselves and balancing the demands of being a mom, a woman and yes the managers of our children’s lives.  We want to hear from you.  We want to hear your opinions and your voice.  I personally want you to share our content and subscribe to our newsletters.  The more you share the more we know you care!

What’s next?

I’ve been very intentional about this team.  I’ve interviewed and talked with every contributor for a significant amount of time.  I’ve prayed over these women and their families and their love for sharing information.  We are still accepting content creators just give me a buzz at and pitch me some ideas you’d love to share with our audience.

We will continue to grow with your help!  Join us in our Facebook group for engaging conversations, polls, and surprises.  We have so many things lined up for this amazing community (including in-person MOMager Meet Ups) you won’t want to miss any of this!


Editor in Chief, The Momager Lifestyle



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