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Meet our Editor in Chief

Kimberly Houston-Bryant is the visionary behind The Momager Lifestyle brand.  As the head content creator and brand strategist for The Momager Lifestyle, her original vision for this site received an upgrade.

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This website started as an online journal of my son’s road to Broadway and my daughter’s track as a fashion model.  Over the years I began noticing some of the content was getting more attention than others.  I then started thinking about how much I didn’t know—-until I needed to know it.  That’s when I made the decision to move my diary to SimplyKB and make this website a resource.

I enlisted the help of a few friends to help get this ball rolling.  Danielle, Dawn, Felicia, and Dana were the first to jump on board.  If I’ve learned nothing else about being the mother of a rising star, it’s about the power of having a team.  While we each operate in different areas of the entertainment fields, one thing bonds us; we all have children seeking stardom.

In addition to running The Momager Lifestyle brand, I also run KB Media Services, a digital media platform serving various audiences.  MWMIVSpeaks focuses on musical theatre.  The Visionary Catalyst is a consulting firm dedicate to the empowerment of female entrepreneurs.  SimplyKB focuses on my life stories.  Macaroni Kid DSF is a website dedicated to my local community.  I help moms of school-aged children and younger find engaging and enriching opportunities for their children.

I’m a mom, entrepreneur, and chef.  While it sounds simple, it’s far from it.  I’m the mom of a child star and one with unseen special needs.  I homeschool both of my children and juggle my son’s hectic schedule.  I’m a multi-preneur.  I have multiple businesses and various online marketing platforms.  I’m a certified pastry chef and instructor.  My life is extraordinarily busy and I love being able to encourage other moms not to lose themselves in their children’s careers.  Neglecting who you are for even a small moment in time can have lasting results.

I hope this website will educate you, empower you and encourage you to help your child star advance while not losing yourself.



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