Homeschooling and Spirituality

Homeschooling is an act of Servanthood

Regardless of your religious beliefs homeschooling requires a woman to find inner peace.  Some moms pray, meditate or do yoga.  Other’s find their center or follow their gut when it comes to making decisions.  No matter what it’s called, it’s a deeper level of spiritual awareness that takes place.

Right now my spirit is troubled.  This “school in a box” situation I’ve exposed my children too has reminded me that nothing was broken and my efforts to “fix” things are not working.  I’ve listened to the kids have conversations with others and while I was worried about benchmark testing, I’ve been reminded there are no benchmarks in homeschool.  Homeschool is about educating the whole child.  It’s about learning who your children are and encouraging them to do the things that bring them joy.

Right now I have no joy.  My sleep is troubled and I have no peace.  This is a new season in my life.  Under the advice of people that have no experience in homeschooling I’ve fallen into the “school at home” trap and my soul is crying out.

Encouragement from homeschool mom Lee Binz:

A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Water Into Wine:

Step 1: fill jars with water

Step 2: draw some out

Step 3: take it to the master

Jesus did not even MENTION the end result. He just gave the steps. In fact, it was Jesus who was in charge of the scary end result and final consequences. The servants (that’s us!) only had to handle the small, individual steps. If the servants had focused on changing water into wine, they would have become overwhelmed. Instead, they were simply asked to fill jars. God was in control of the quality of the wine.

Application to my life

This excerpt is in the very beginning of a book about homeschooling through high school and how to make transcripts.  While in this passage the author is comparing this situation with writing out course descriptions and creating the transcript as two different processes, this jumped out at me.  While I’ve been trying to live up to the expectation of others I’ve been doubting my own self-worth.  My children are in a home with myself and my husband.  Between

While I’ve been trying to live up to the expectation of others I’ve been doubting my own self-worth.  My children are in a home with myself and my husband.  Between us, we have 3 post-undergrad degrees  and I’m currently in school working on a Masters in Adult Education & Training.

A friend of mine told me just last week, homeschool kids are just as good as their parent’s education.  The more the parents know the more we unconsciously pour into our children.  Surely my kids know more about the structural foundation of a cake and the importance of a soft bite sugar cookie, than the average kid their age.

Facing Fears of Personal Failure

I’ve allowed self-doubt to creep out and disrupt everything I have come to love about homeschooling my children.  I’ve faced the reality that I’m in a season of temptation.  Changing how we do homeschool wasn’t the only recent disruption.  My daily schedule was thrown off with my husband being home for weeks while his office was relocated.  An old friend entered my life and challenged my opinions of myself because a piece of me has disappeared (a post for another day).  A client unintentionally hugged me and sparked some electricity inside of me that made me want to know more about her (she’s a licensed Christian therapist).  It’s evident that while distractions lured all around me God still sent an Angel to calm the waters.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, I think most homeschool moms will connect with acknowledging a higher power giving them the strength to keep going on a daily basis.

To any homeschooling mama or soon to be homeschool mom that comes across this post, let me encourage you to trust yourself in this season.  Pray, meditate, make lists, find a mentor.  Whatever you need to do to trust yourself, please do it.

~Kimberly Houston-Bryant




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