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How Marvel’s Avengers Endgame became the best MCU film

Avengers Endgame somehow managed to become the best heist-buddy cop-thriller- psychological drama-superhero film ever created. The Russo Brothers have created what’ll be known as the most epic superhero movie of all time. It pays off, every plotline, TV show, comic-inspired comic all of it is addressed or referenced and for the MCU that’s a lot. It’s simply a strong film that gets catapulted by the support of the MCU’s other films. It’s writing almost reads like a psychological thriller.
The Russo brothers also manage to sneak in a couple of cameos that would normally fly under the radar. They’ve been slowly featuring cast members from their TV hit, Arrested development and it only continues in this film with Yvette Nicole Brown and Ken Jeong but keep your eyes peeled or you’ll miss them. Another impressive cameo is that of Joe Russo himself. One of the directors even makes a cameo in this film, Avengers Endgame is really an Easter egg hunt for diehard movie fans. The movie references range from Back to the future, hot tub time machine, and bill and Ted’s great adventure to the MCU’s earliest movies.
One of my favorite parts was the score, I loved the energy transition from song to song. The movie begins with a more “Guardians of the Galaxy” soundtrack type song then slowly gets into the classic Alan Silvestri orchestrations we all know and Love. I also appreciated the callbacks thematically in the score, hearing iron man’s theme or even the hulks theme is such a nostalgic moment for any Marvel fan.
It’s a perfect balance and continuation of what happened after Infinity War. This is the re-writing of history, This changes what it means to make a superhero film and how a film will impact its cinematic universe.
For the fans, this is The only time I’ve ever seen a film greeted with roars and cheers of joy throughout the movie.
From cameos to character introductions, there were cheers throughout the theatre. I won’t spoil the endgame but you’ll know what I’m talking about. Naturally, the imagery is possibly the most impressive part of the film. It could be freeze-framed shot to shot and it’d look like a singular iconic piece of comic art. It pays homage to its humble beginnings and lets you know its future is in good hands.
Avengers Endgame is the most graceful and deserved ending of a chapter into a new era of the MCU. Avengers Endgame is out in theaters on April 26th, 2019.



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