Life as a mom of a Narcoleptic Tween

What life is like as the mom…

For the last month my daughter has been sleeping mostly during the day and staying awake all night.  That means as her mother and teacher, I have to make myself sleep at odd times in order to give her the attention she needs when she is awake.

Every couple of months we go through this transition period.  All it takes is ONE nap to throw us into the sleep schedules of a family of bats.  One Nap!  One under stimulated moment in my daughters life that allows her to drift off into her peaceful slumber will literally throw my life upside down for WEEKS!

Not days….weeks!  The transition to “normal” hours takes a really long time to happen.  Most recently it has taken us 4.5 weeks to get Cherrie back into a normal sleeping pattern.  In other words she gets sleepy around 9pm or 10pm and will sleep all night until about 7am.  Most people consider this is completely normal.

In my house it’s a struggle.  For the last 35 days or so I have transitioned my sleeping habits to match that of my daughter.  Now that she is on normal business hours…..I’m not.  Now while I would love to simply fall asleep naturally that doesn’t happen for me.  I have to rely on the use of some sort of sleep aid to actually begin feeling sleepy.  It’s 1:30am currently and I am pumped full of energy.  I could use this time to do some work around the house but I fear I may wake Cherrie and throw us until a downward spiral once again.  So I sit in a dark corner in my bedroom office writing by light of the laptop only.  I’m trapped inside of my own mind, words running a thousand miles a minute, but I am still.  I sit in silence as not to disturb anyone I live with.

In this moment there is peace……..  There is order…….  Everyone but ME is sleeping…



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