Our Life Takes a Village

It’s Been 3 Years Since We Had To Do This…….

Last week I took Cherrie to the doctor because she has been waking up with headaches.  There is nothing exciting about your child being unable to function throughout the day because her headache is crippling.  As a stay-at-home mom and owner of multiple businesses it’s important to understand that in my life it really takes a village to handle the stress of raising a child with narcolepsy!

The Doctor’s Suggestions

Cherrie’s pediatrician is very concerned about her headaches.  It’s one thing for a child to have them, its another thing when they wake up with them.  Couple that alarm with having a condition the doctor’s still don’t know much about in children under the age of 12 and you sound off alarms really quickly!  Our recommendations were to have an MRI done.

We had an MRI back in 2008.  I think that was our first experience with a panic attack.  She ended up waking up during the middle of the procedure.  Can you imagine going to sleep looking at your mom then waking up in a tube screaming at 3 years old?

Narcolepsy Takes A Village

I sent a message via email and text to several people in my phone.  I was simply letting them know we were doing an MRI next week.  To my surprise my mother is flying in, my husband took off work, one of our student ministers at church has offered to come and sit with us during the procedure.  Why is this significant?

A few years ago when we were trying to figure out what was going on with my daughter I took her to the visits by myself.  I was a single mom and I was pressing my way.  I always stayed strong and never let her know anything was different about her.  I let my son go to several visits.  At this point there are multiple people coming to the hospital and several more will be awaiting updates.  I cant imagine what this is even going to feel like next week.  Im positive with all of the prayers and positive energy being sent our way things will be just fine!




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