Seasons Of Love

Seasons of Love

This weekend my son and a group of students from The Victory Spot performed as one of the opening acts for Arrested Development at City Winery.  As I sat there on the first night and listened to them sing ‘Seasons of Love,’ my face was flushed and water filled my eyes.  5 hundred, 25 thousand, 600 minutes….

I was transported in time to 2012, the year my life seemed to have fallen completely apart.  Five years ago today I was terminated from a really great paying retail management position.  I spoke out against some wrong doings within the company while I was taking a business law class.  Needless to say, I was terminated and I took that like a boss.  However, the fatal flaw in this was I ended up being an unemployed single mother with two kids in private school.  Talk about a slap in the face.


I started culinary school a couple of weeks later.  By the end of July, my life had been flipped upside down.  We were facing eviction from our apartment.  I had a small part-time job at a local grocery store bakery (thanks to career services at LCB) but it wasn’t anywhere near enough to cover the rent.  My kids and I moved back home with my parents, I was beginning a long distance relationship (with my now husband) and the kids were pulled out of private school…..we simply could no longer afford the life we were living.

In October my life took another blow.  My daughter’s first-grade teacher called me in for a conference to discuss how terrible of a mother I was for allowing my child to stay up all night.  I was so disturbed by this woman and her accusation I pulled my daughter out of school the following week and by the grace of God their former private school allowed her to come back.  At this point, we had no choice but to figure out how to keep her there.  Six months later tests results would prove my daughter had the most impressive case of narcolepsy the doctors at Children’s Healthcare had ever seen.

In the midst of eviction, culinary school, part time jobs, narcolepsy diagnosis and living with my parents my son had to stick it out in a public school.  The problem with this was Marshall was a grade ahead in the private school and was testing on a gifted level.  The public school did not accept this.  It was a rough year.  The end of year promotion had the kids singing…… ‘Seasons of Love.’

It was during this time, my son discovered musical theatre.  He wanted to see the movie that the song was from.  Once he saw ‘Rent’ he was hooked.

Five years later I had the pleasure of seeing this same child stand on a stage to a sold out audience and sing the song that changed the trajectory of his life.  Life is truly about Seasons of Love and I’m loving this season we are in.




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