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It’s 2:03 am and I’m pinning this blog post…

Why is the time important?  It’s not actually.  Just setting up where I am in life.  Cherrie’s narcolepsy has us in on of those awkward sleeping patterns where she sleeps most of the day and is up all night.  For instance, she went to sleep around 3:30 pm while we were in traffic.  Aside from waking up to sip a drink from Starbucks, getting out of the car and rolling over long enough to tell me she wasn’t hungry she’s been asleep for the past ten and a half hours.  I’m trying to stay awake because I don’t want to give her another sandwich nor another bowl of cereal to eat while the house sleeps, so I’ll wait.

Besides, it gives me time to tell you about Marshall.

Next week he will film his first web series.  A few weeks later he will perform at Carnegie Hall.  In June he will attend Camp Broadway, Broadway Dreams, a staged reading of Ragtime at Orbits Art Academy, the Alliance Theatre Drama camps, and lastly (drum roll) Broadway Evolved intensive in New York City.

So let’s talk about why this is all a BIG deal.  Each camp will build upon the other.  While each of them stands alone in what they will bring the table and to my son’s experiences this summer, the reality is by the time we get back to New York in August he will be a whole new person.

Camp Broadway focuses on the importance of the ensemble.  Having our kids understand that the supporting cast drives the show is one of the most important things they can learn.  Broadway Dreams exposes our kids to Broadway stars and provides training all over the world.  Orbit Arts Academy is owned by a former Broadway star and he makes it a point to bring in his friends!  The Ragtime reading is being directed by a cast member of the Original Broadway Cast.  Finally, we will end the summer in New York City at the inaugural year where the teaching line up is robust with Tony award-winning Broadway stars.

If I do say so myself this is going to be the most amazing summer for Sir Marshall.




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