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Stage Mom Chronicles E4

Life on the road

Currently I’m sitting in a hotel room for the 5th weekend in a row waiting on my son while he is in rehearsal.

Next week is showtime.  We are about an hour and half from home at rehearsals.  I was scrolling my facebook time line.  One of my son’s friend just wrapped a movie in Detroit and then another just got signed to Cartoon Network.  All very awesome and very cool!

Well my mister goes before a list of talent agents two weeks from today….

Anticipating what’s to come

What does that mean for our family?  I have no earthly idea.  See perhaps he could be signed on the spot, or maybe he will just get call backs?  We honestly have no clue and no idea.  To live life like this is ridiculous.  Actually it’s laughable.  We live in hotels on the weekend and eat fast food.  During the week we eat like rabbits and workout at the YMCA.  What kind of life are we living here?

On the flip side to all of this is the fact that I still have 4 businesses to run, in addition to homeschooling both of my children.  I find myself often confused on what day of the week it is.  It’s really all a freaking blur at this point.

When you birth talented children there comes a time when their talent outweighs your comfort zone and I think we have reached that level.

Whatever the case may be in about 16 days our entire world can be flipped upside down and only God knows what will happen.  I’ve learned to take naps.  With Cherrie’s sleeping patterns being all over the place and Marshall having classes and rehearsals and vocal lessons etc, I’m literally on a four hour nap schedule per day.  Clearly this can not be healthy and it’s totally against my coach approach program man!  Sigh, yall pray for a sister.



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