Stage Mom Chronicles E5

Sometimes I have to say no

My son had an opportunity to audition for Adam Pelty.  According to my son Marshall this is HUGE.  While I believe him, sometimes as a stage mom you have to make a tough decision.  My husband and I had to think about long term plans.  In the midst of being a stage mom, I’m still homeschooling and running multiple businesses.  After Fiddler and In the Heights I just needed a Break!

I told Marshall he couldn’t audition for a summer show for weeks.  After Adam heard him, he requested to work with him.

Weighing all my options

If we fast forward a little, after seeing my son perform as Kevin Rosario, for the first time I saw him as a performer and not my son who performs.  Very big difference.  As we listened to him sing, full of passion and emotion my heart strings were being pulled.  I knew I needed to make a decision.  My husband and I had a conversation about next steps.  Do we allow to do a summer play or do we take a few months off to restructure our lives?

Restructuring Won

So what exactly does this look like?  We will not be doing any summer plays-but there will be performances.  We are looking for a new place to live on a different side of town to move closer to a performing arts program that will prepare Marshall for a career in theatre.  He still has private lessons once a week (no where near our house).  We have switched both kids to an online homeschooling program to free up time and create more structure.

What’s next

Well I’m pleased to announce Marshall has been accepted into the Alliance Theatre‘s Teen Ensemble for the 2017-18 school year.  In addition he will be attending Camp Broadway.  The BIG news is…June 1 and June 2, 2017 Marshall (along with 4 others) will be the opening act at City Winery for the Arrested Development (music group) concert!



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