Stage Mom Chronicles Edition 2

He Made The Cast

In our first edition I talked about what it was like for my son’s first real audition.  Well after three days we found out he made the cast.  You can read all about his reaction here.  As the mom it is your job to be happy that your child is excelling.  Believe me I am absolutely his biggest cheer leader and while in theory I knew what I was signing up for but was I really ready,

The traveling….

So Marshall has been cast in Fiddler on the Roof which is about 25 minutes from our house.  In the Heights is a solid hour drive without traffic.  We literally spend Tuesday-Saturday in the car.  It’s amazing to see him flourish.  In the midst of doing two plays at once, he still has voice lessons on Thursday evening at Victory Spot.  Can you imagine the amount of money we spend on gas to keep my tank full?

The perks….

Since Marshall has his sister and I driving all over the state and waiting for hours for him at rehearsals we have become explorers.  We have driven around and seen some amazing architecture.  We have become fans of the local library.  Our homeschool work has improved because everyday our learning sessions are taking place in different areas.

What I’m learning…..

When one child is the main focus, finding balance is really important.  Cherrie and I have found a lot of time to have mommy-daughter time.  I’ve watched the other stage moms sacrifice their lives for their children.  I continue to make sure I don’t loose myself in the midst of his growth.  Having a child who lives his life on stage is an amazing experience and with hard work will surely pay off.  Well until next time this stage mom is signing off.



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