Stage Mom Chronicles Edition 3

Stage Mom Chronicles: Edition 3

It’s been seriously crazy around here.  One of the things I knew back in January was my son’s passion would at some point become my problem.  I was okay with multiple rehearsals happening all at the same time.  I was okay even with the travel.  I figured at some point the travelling to various rehearsals would become a burden and we would need to start staying in hotels.  We’ve done that three times so far.

As we near the end of play number two for the year I thought there was a glimmer of hope that at least for a few months I would have some relief.  Little did I know Adam Pelty, would be moved to tears by my child’s voice.  He didn’t even really audition for this show…he was requested.

Then he auditioned for the JTF competition and he made that.  We went on a homeschool field trip/media day to the High Museum and somehow we ended up to talking to some people from the Alliance Theatre about their shows.  Stay tuned we will see how that ends up.

Can I be transparent for a moment?  While trying to get my son seen by directors, it’s not cheap.  As wonderful and amazing as he is we have production fees for each of these shows.  I assure you it’s adding up and I wish I had an accountant that could tell me how to write his fees off on my taxes!  By I digress.

I’ve adapted the nickname the married single mother over the last few months.  My husband has been working multiple positions tirelessly since November.  His hard work allows me to be a momager.  But if I am really honest about my life this is what being a single mom felt like only I’m married.  People have absolutely supported this entire journey.  We have a fan club at each performance.  We have a dynamic vocal and acting coach team in place.  He’s being casted in roles that showcase his talent.  The opportunities currently being afforded to my kid are nothing but God’s blessings.  But as his mother, my responsibilities didn’t decrease as the demands of his plays increases.

We had a very unique opportunity to meet Derrick Davis, the current Phantom of the Opera on tour.  Marshall and Derrick had a long conversation about life, broadway, trials, triumphs, defeats and success.  This is by far my favorite video of them talking.  Whenever I feel completely overwhelmed by life’s challenges I will often refer to this youtube video and meditate on the doors being opened not the chaos outside.




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