Stage Mom Chronicles E1

2017 Stage Mom Chronicles Edition One

I think I shall call this blog, the Stage Mom Chronicles!

In addition to having a beautiful narcoleptic tween, my time is also spent molding my oldest son for a career on the stage.  So as an introduction my oldest is Marshall.  I know I’m his mother and so I’m a little biased but he is a really amazing performer.  He absolutely loves all things Broadway!  Needless to say he keeps us extremely busy.

Audition Day One

A week ago, Atlanta braced itself for this crazy big snow/ice storm.  Some areas did indeed take a hit but most of metro Atlanta did not.  In reaction to the pending storm, everything shut down, including an audition Marshall had been planning for over a month.  It was rescheduled for this past weekend.  No problem…so I thought.

In addition to raising these two, homeschooling, speaking and teaching, I also run Adonai Desserts Atlanta.  It’s a holiday weekend and I had several large orders to handle for clients.  I planned out my schedule for the week to ensure I can get Marshall to his two day auditions which were an hour away without traffic.

The first night we made it there right in the nick of time after being in traffic for almost two hours.  I had his paperwork, head shot and resume ready to roll.  As I was shuffling papers I heard the lady tell my son he was number 19 and to put the number on his torso!  I looked up and in that moment my life changed.  Did she say put this number on your torso?  This was our first “real” audition.

Welcome to the next level.

Marshall was whisked away to a room full of other eager young stars.  After a while I asked if I be “that mom” and look in on the audition?  The staff happily agreed to sneak me into a side office with a window that let me look into the room.  There he was, in a room full of amazing dancers and one of the most amazing choreographers in North Atlanta.  He was surrounded by people older then him all fighting for the same dream.  This was next level.  This was new.  A wave of emotion over took me.  I was excited and nervous.  I was scared and confident.  I was a mixed ball of emotions wondering how this would turn out.  I was used to Marshall being one of the best in the room, he’s never not gotten a lead role.  This was the first time there was room for pause.

I wasn’t prepared for Audition Day Two.

Day one was a two hour dance rehearsal.  Day two was a vocal audition.  Did I mention I wasn’t feeling 100 percent?  Whenever I’m stressed I have a tendency to bite my tongue while I sleep.  Needless to say with the pressure of a booming business and my son’s auditions I was a little stressed this week.  It’s Saturday at this point and I haven’t been able to eat solid foods in 48 hours.  My mouth is a complete mess and the pain is awful.  So as I sat in the car waiting for Marshall I drifted off to sleep (to help numb the pain).  I was awaken by a knock on the window.  It was the lady that let me in last night.  She eagerly expressed we should just hang out in the area because Marshall has advanced to call backs at 3pm!  Talk about excited.

Four hours later Marshall comes out of call backs.  He was one of the last to leave.  I left home at 9:30am it was now 8:00pm.  Can you imagine being in your car for all that time?  Can you imagine being in your car all that time in pain?  We had to find a red box to keep Cherrie entertained (thank the Lord for a new truck with a DVD!).  Imagine being on pins and needles watching kids leave left and right and being too afraid to venture out because you have no idea where you are and didn’t want to get lost.

End of Day

Marshall thinks he did really well.  He was the youngest person trying out and they found it hard to believe he was only 14.  The waiting has begun for the release of the cast list.



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