The evolution of a theater kid

This past summer my son attended a myriad of camps.  Like seriously, I was kicking myself all summer long for the hours of traffic I had to sit in taking him from camp to camp.  Then he had an intensive in New York and my view of life, business, and relationships were forever changed.  This is our Broadway Evolved Experience.

My son opened for Grammy award-winning group, Arrested Development on Thursday evening of August 2.  Friday, August 3, I was diagnosed with bronchitis and given a hefty dose of meds, Sunday, August 5, we flew to NYC to begin what would change our lives forever.  Can you imagine the ego boost my kid had before this trip…

 It was fun and games when we arrived.

So this was our third trip to NYC this year.  Hotels were booked, summertime was all around us and NYC was bursting at the seams with tourists.  We opted to stay in Jersey and uber over to NYC each day.  We’re only 6 miles away, how bad can it be?  (we learned just how BAD this was)  We learned very quickly ubering from Jersey into NYC during morning rush hour is a joke, so we learned to ride the train!

Day One was exciting.

My son couldn’t stop talking about how great the experience was on day one.  I filmed his reaction to day one but he’s talking so fast I’ll spare you from getting dizzy trying to understand everything that happened.  Then came day 2 and my kid’s Broadway idol James Monroe Iglehart was there and knew he was!  Yall I think this was the last day we got an update on Broadway Evolved.

Parent’s Eye View

It was evident that this intensive was not a camp.  It wasn’t a game.  There was some “heart check” stuff happening but it literally took weeks to figure it all out.  Seriously, it took us WEEKS to see the full return on our investment, and honestly, I’m not sure we’ve fully experienced it yet.  So, after meeting with James, some deep, emotional, internal things were taking place.

You’re Enough

This began one of the most simple yet most profound things that came out of this program.  My son witnessed another intensive members transformation when he was told he was enough by his idol.  The emotional uncomfortableness of this moment weighed heavy in our hotel room and I knew to back off.  By the last day, my son was speechless.  When you have a dramatic kid, this is not the norm!

Silence speaks volumes

Betsy Wolfe and Cynthia Wyatt have created a little piece of Broadway magic with the Broadway Evolved Intensive program. For weeks, Marshall couldn’t find the words to articulate the internal transformation that took place.  If I’m honest we did not see the effects of the intensive until his first performance post-Broadway Evolved.  He blew us all away.  For the first time, he was not imitating his idols, he’d found his voice.  It was the first time we’d ever experienced Marshall Weir Mabry IV on a stage and it was the most profound thing he’s ever done.

How I was effected an entrepreneur

The impact that Betsy Wolfe and Cynthia Wyatt had on my son with the creation of Broadway Evolved is everlasting.  It’s timeless and surpasses all expectations.  As an entrepreneur and chef, I’ve redesigned all of my classes, workshops, and camps to create a similar “take away” experience.

Don’t dont get me wrong, this trip was Expensive.  The most expensive trip we’ve ever taken and written off as an investment, but its multiplied our lives.  Not just Marshall’s life but mine as well.  His experienec is uniquely his and he holds those moments close to his heart.  These ladies have inspired me to leave an imprint on the next generation of sweet makers and I’ve launched two platforms since Broadway Evolved this past August.  I created HousCaking as a recipe building site that allows young chefs to experiment in the kitchen.  I then launched ChefKimihou for people who follow me online but want to know more about my life as an entrepreneur.

It was a master class in entrepreneurship, mentorship, and relationship building.  As a mom (or dad) with a child whose dreams are bigger than your wallets, sometimes they are worth taking the risk.  The number of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches we had to eat to afford this intensive was insane and I would do it all over again!

*The 2019 Broadway Evolved classes have been announced!  Make sure you check them out online.*



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