The Kid Who Would Be King-Review

My family loves movies.  We love theatre.  My son is an avid Shakespeare kind of guy and my daughter is into Greek mythology.  It’s no wonder my family was interested in viewing The Kid Who Would Be King in theatres right?

In this tale, old-world magic enters our world in the unlikeliest of ways.  While the probability of a sword appearing in a housing development seems slightly unbelievable, the journey we take in this film makes up for it.  We watch a young boy believe that his destiny is to fulfill the fantasy of his father’s dreams.  It’s a light-hearted feel-good story with twists and turns that make you think the producers had very broad imaginations.

The most relatable part of this story was the moment of truth when the main character, Alex, learns the truth about his parent’s divorce.  As a mom, I can relate on many levels with how this mom allowed her son to dream amazing dreams about his dad and she fell far behind the shadows.  As Alex and his friends encounter mythical creatures and figures that teach them lessons about friendship, honesty, greed, and trust the story does a great job as showing our kids what friendships look like.

This tale had something for everyone in my family.  We all were able to enjoy this story, from the Mario Kart references to Greek mythology, to the theatrics of the film.  It checked off at least one box for everyone!


THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING (20th Century Fox) is now playing in theatres.

Release:              Friday, January 25

Rating:                 PG

Run Time:           110 minutes

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