Vacation Prep Fail

I thought I was doing it right….

So my Disney vacation prep included making sure financially our family would be set once we returned.  Two weeks before the trip, my truck died!  So imagine my state of mind when my truck died, we had Disney coming up and it was the first of the month!  We paid all of the current bills.  I planned my monthly meal prep list and went shopping!

My freezer meals are bagged and labeled.  My breakfast items are all in the outside freezer.  We cleaned out both of the refrigerators and washed all of the clothes of every person in the house.  We cleaned the house top to bottom.

The one thing I hate about vacations is coming home to a tornado!  So I planned out my time line and had it perfect.  Everyone is packed, suitcases lined up and the truck is gassed and ready to roll.

The calm before the storm….

Everything was perfect.  Things were going very well, such a smooth transition and we were totally on track.  Then the weather reports began to come in.  A massive hurricane is set to hit Florida in about 24 hours!  Imagine the disappointment of my birthday girl once we told her we couldn’t leave until after the storm had passed!

Hopefully our next travel entry will be from Disney World this weekend!

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