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Native Tennessean, Jonna Johnson grew up in the small town of Lebanon, TN where she began her interest in Theater at Middle Tennessee State University. She has a fighting Passion for the arts and had the determination to continue to use her talents to Mentor Young People Nationwide by being able to relate and motivate them to go for their Dreams and find their Purpose.

A Decade later as a Professional Coach, Jonna became one of the premier acting coaches of the East. With Coaching over 400 students weekly and privately, she has become a profound influence in the acting industry for Film, Television and Commercial. In addition to helping her students book major projects, she has been the public figure of many Non-Profit Organizations, giving back tremendously in communities, being awarded “Philanthropist of the Year” many years in a row.

Combined with her own career of booked projects, Coach Jonna’s children (Mallory and Thomas II) are rising stars, seen in Commercial, Television & Film, following in their mother’s footsteps. Coach Jonna’s continuous dedication to gaining knowledge & new skill-sets for her students led her to help them reveal their best abilities in their existing artistry.

Her education from many notable Art Institutes include Alliance Theater of the Woodruff where she completed their 2 yr continued study program for Film Concentration & Commercial, Clayton State University where Coach Jonna obtained certification in public speaking by mentor and renowned classic Actress Sharon Foote, then Coach Jonna obtained Global Certification through the International Coach Federation and the Certified Coaching Alliance as a Life Coach.

She is thoroughly an infused Coach of knowledge and practicality. Helping her students keep it simple while being powerful in any area of the professional industry. Coach Jonna’s students include a diverse list of Working Actors to Beginners. She coaches child stars/Adults to not yet named talent with the passion to helping every individual equally obtain their craft.

Currently, Coach Jonna is bringing heights to her skill set as a coach by mentoring under World Renowned Ivana Chubbuck, author of “The Power of the Actor” and creator of The Chubbuck Technique. (The technique of Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba & many more). Coach Jonna has mastered the technique for all ages, a one of a kind approved skill, as Ivana Chubbuck created this technique for adults only. Coach Jonna has found a way to interpret the Primal concepts of the technique translating them for children of all ages, including her own Working Actor children.

With the approval of Ivana Chubbuck Coach Jonna will truly be a One of a Kind instructor for the Chubbuck technique for generations of working Actors in the EAST. Being 1 of the US coaches to train the technique to Child Actors, the other Coach being Ivana’s daughter in LA, Claire Chubbuck. As her mentor Ivana Chubbuck has enhanced & added new fundamentals of her technique, the book itself does not include what Coach Jonna has gained, with unique, explosive exercises that are not published to the public, coach Jonna is the premier Coach who was selected to be mentally equipped with Ivana Chubbuck’s additional skill-sets!

Coach Jonna Johnson Coaches in-person classes at her Atlanta Studio and worldwide to many students via Skype, being reviewed, noted & raved about the breakthrough sessions both in person or via Skype by her students/clients from all over.

She is a proud member of Black Women in Film Television Network, Women in Film Television Atlanta & many more non- profit organizations often being the guest Coach, Host or Speaker for the event. Accomplishments of Coach Jonna Johnson include the 1st African American to be titled Tennessee’s Top Model (won in 2008), 1st Host of Black Women in Jazz & Fine Arts (now a nationally recognized day in March), Wife of Retired NFL Player Thomas Johnson and current Working Actress.

Favorite Quote of Coach Jonna’s by Ivana Chubbuck is “Actors are special because they are courageous, Average people aren’t. We’re not here for average.”  Coach Jonna Johnson quotes often to her students “ The most valuable tip I can give you in becoming successful is, simply Show up, and then Show out…Why not?


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