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Welcome Felecia Thomas our Chief Dance Mom

The Momager Lifestyle is thrilled to welcome Ms. Felecia Thomas to our team!    She is a native of Chicago, Illinois and studied dance at Columbia College Chicago.   In 1999, she relocated to Atlanta, GA in 1999 and began her dance instruction career, while also working in corporate America.
In the early 2000s, Ms. Thomas directed the Liturgical Dancers and Victory Church in Stone Mountain, GA. After years of performing, choreographing, and directing, Felecia Thomas opened Reigning Victory Dance Studio in Fayetteville, GA in 2012.
The award-winning studio provides a comprehensive conservatory and culture- styled training program designed for dedicated youth. The program focuses on Ballet, Modern, Jazz and African. Felecia’s mission for Reigning Victory Dance Studio is to inspire excellence in dance and prepare students for the collegiate, university, and pre-professional level.
Reigning Victory, LLC is a brand that provides dance studio business consulting through Crown Dance Consulting. Other services include entertainment, artist management and development and photography. She is the mother of three beautiful daughters who are pre-professional dancers and co/owners of Reigning Victory.
Ms. Thomas will spear head our “dance mom” division, giving insight to Dance moms from the perspective of a coach and business owner.  But she will also share her stories as a Momager of her oldest daughter.
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