We’re back! So what’s new with the MomagerLifestyle?

It’s been a few months since we last posted on The Momager Lifestyle.

Honestly, I debated on reviving the blog for months.  I went back and forth, day after day.  It’s seriously a lot of work being ME!  Like, I’m not kidding.  But then I had a conversation with some other moms and we made a decision to not only revive but completely revamp the website altogether.  So much has happened, so many things are new:  We’re back!  So let’s take a stroll, shall we?

The Momager Lifestyle has acquired and so you can get this information on either!  I’m no longer an army one!  We have an entire team made of up entertainment lawyers, actors, singers, moms, managers etc.  We all will provide information that is relevant to our different journeys that will help you navigate life balancing home life and your child’s career.

What else is new?

MomLife (Dad Life)

We will give practical tips on how to not lose yourself during this journey.  I think this is very important to understand.  Personally, I struggled with this on a level I never imagined this year when it comes to balancing who I am against who my child wants to become.

Book Club

We will be launching a book club recommending our favorite books for you to dig into to be fully engaged and informed in your child’s future.

Marketing your star 101

We will be launching a series, an online course and a webinar on how to market your young star BEFORE they are signed.

Facebook Community

Sign up for our Facebook Group!  We want to help you on this journey.  The mission of this website is to inspire. encourage and support parents as they support their children.

And a new series I’m super excited about…..

Momager Chronicles

Real life stories, written by several moms giving actual accounts of their personal journey with their children.  We will hear from sports moms, entertainment moms, kid chef moms and many, many, more.

And much more is to come!  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get updated information!

Want to join the team?  Submit an introduction of yourself and tell us about your amazing kid to



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