Stage Mom Chronicles: Birthday wishes

This week we celebrated my son’s 16th birthday.  It was a bitter sweet moment for me.  He was hired into his first job as an Assistant for an after school performing art’s program on his last day of being 15.  Then on his 16th birthday, our fanfare was a little crowded, yet still had the same amount of noise as previous years.

I honestly can not remember the last time both of my parents went to a movie with me.  Perhaps my kids have started a new tradition.  On Cherrie’s birthday, last October, she convinced my mom to go see the new My Little Pony movie.  This was major!  Then somehow Marshall gets both of parents to go see Black Panther on his birthday!  I was like okay its clearly something about grandparents that get’s people out of their comfort zone.

As a kid, we went to the drive in a lot.  I passed that same love for movies at the drive-in, video stores, red box and DVD on to my kids.  Our favorite past times are watching movies.  It’s no wonder I have a son that wants to be in character all the time.  After seeing the movie, which is phenomenal by the way, we headed to see RENT.

My son and I have seen countless shows during Fifth Third Bank’s Broadway in Atlanta season over the past few years.  This show, however, was special.  Marshall’s love for musical theatre was birthed from this show.  You can read more about our Season’s of Love here.   I’ll admit I didn’t know everything there was to know about RENT walking into it, but it didn’t matter.  All that mattered was after flying to New York to attend Broadway Con, driving to Virginia on a turn around trip, and seeing Black Panther, our birthday celebration ended with the show that started it all.


Last year when he turned 15 he met Derrick Davis, the then touring cast Phantom of the Opera.  Click here to that story.     At that point, I was like there is no way I can top this for 16…. according to Marshall’s the 16th birthday has been the most epic to date!  Let’s see what next year brings.


Happy birthday, kiddo!  And cheers to another beautiful year.


Check out the family VLOG from this weekend!



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