when should you start homeschooling your child actor

When should you start homeschooling?

Should your acting child start homeschooling immediately?

Your child has an agent.

They have booked a couple of one day jobs.

Is it time to start homeschooling?

Should you wait?

Just to clear things up: We at the Momager lifestyle would like to clear up a little bit of confusion. Just because your child is officially working, that doesn’t mean you have to immediately start homeschooling. Sure, we discuss homeschooling a lot because for a busy working child it is often an inevitability.  It is not however mandatory. (See how Momager Contributor Shon manages traditional schooling)

Reasons you might want to keep your child in a traditional school:

  • If the child’s work is not interfering with the child’s grades they can stay in school.
  • If the child’s teacher/ school is able to work with the child to keep them on track, they can stay in school.
  • If the child does not have steady work that would keep them out of school, they can stay in school.
  • If your child is doing well in school in spite of missing the occasional day, then can stay in school.

Reasons why you might want to pull a working child out of traditional school and homeschool them:

  • If the child’s grades are suffering due to their acting jobs, you might want to homeschool them.
  • If the teacher/school is resentful about the child missing days to work their acting job, you might want to homeschool them.
  • If the children have a regular work schedule during school hours, you might want to homeschool.

There is a happy medium: Something you should know, however, is that there is a happy medium.  It is not my favorite approach, but for a child that may be homeschooling this year, and back in school next year (as this business is so unpredictable) the ability to “homeschool” through a public school program is perfect. Notice I put quotation marks around the word homeschool. Homeschooling through a public school program like K-12 or “your-state-homeschool program”, is not really homeschooling, it is public school, done online, around the child’s schedule. These programs work extremely well through middle school.

Ask yourself, “why am I homeschooling?”: Finally, in full disclosure, you should know that my child did not start homeschooling because they were acting. They started acting because they were homeschooling. Homeschooling allowed activities and opportunities during the day that were not available on the weekend. Homeschooling was my first and only focus when we pulled the children out of school. A unique educational experience was the main goal. Being able to act and do other creative activities enriched our journey. I caution any family who only sees homeschooling as a means to an end to examine it closer and develop a homeschool mindset regardless of whether the child is in school or not.



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